Crypto Insurance Coverage: InsurAce Review 2022

Insurance is a sign of viability and an additional reason to believe in a project. Everyone talks about it. According to Dyma Budorin, CEO and Co-founder of Hacken, “Insurance is becoming a big thing.” independent researchers use insurance as one of the criteria for assessing the level of cybersecurity of crypto exchanges and cryptocurrencies.… Continue reading Crypto Insurance Coverage: InsurAce Review 2022

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Cryptology Security Review 2022

Cryptology makes up the list of the world’s top 100 centralized crypto exchanges. Like all other exchanges, Cryptology offers opportunities for instant buying, selling, and converting crypto assets. Unlike other platforms, Cryptology focuses on the derivatives market. Users can trade futures contracts with up to ×100 leverage, with spot trading, bank card support, and some… Continue reading Cryptology Security Review 2022

WhiteBIT Security Review 2022

Launched in 2018, WhiteBIT is the largest European crypto-to-fiat exchange. Built on cutting-edge technology, this centralized exchange provides an institutional-grade experience for new and seasoned traders. But is WhiteBIT secure? Let’s find out. Trading volume and users The Ukrainian-based crypto exchange was established in 2018. Now, it’s incorporated in Estonia. With a daily volume of… Continue reading WhiteBIT Security Review 2022 Security Review 2022

DFI Money (YFII) is a DeFi-farming aggregator that automatically puts user crypto assets to work for high-yield profits. YFII is a fork of the YFI project with YIP-8 implementation. YFII characteristics, according to CoinGecko Price (10 Aug 2022): $1,758 All-time high (Sep 1, 2020): $9,251  Market cap: $69.9 million Trading volume: $77.306 million Circulating supply:… Continue reading Security Review 2022

How do we see the transparent future of WEB3?

The WEB3 market is not transparent. We have asymmetry of information, so to speak. Many projects don’t perform an audit, don’t publish audit results, and don’t reveal actual token supply analytics with vesting and lockup periods for the team and investors because they don’t see a point. Investors cannot fully understand the risks. The incomplete… Continue reading How do we see the transparent future of WEB3?

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How to check if the exchange is secure?

The Big Three: Proof of Funds, Bug Bounty, and Pentest Three most vital markers of a crypto exchange security are Proof of Funds, Bug Bounty, and Pentest. Pentest A pentest is a proactive cybersecurity measure aimed at identifying internal and external vulnerabilities of a software application by trying to breach existing security controls. Penetration Test… Continue reading How to check if the exchange is secure?

Yearn.Finance Security Review, July 2022

Yearn Finance is a DeFi protocol that offers yield generation and lending aggregation. It’s one of the most successful pioneers of DeFI with a unique mission of automating crypto investment to achieve the highest APY. Yearn is multi-chain and currently supports Ethereum, Fantom, and Arbitrum. YFI holders govern Yearn’s protocol.  YFI characteristics, according to CoinGecko… Continue reading Yearn.Finance Security Review, July 2022