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Introduction to the Trading RTD

After conducting an interview with CER analyst, an individual investor, and crypto enthusiast, we understood that modern crypto space lacks tools for convenient trading. That’s why the team of CER has decided to develop the product further and introduce the trading view dashboard which has all the necessary charting tools for you to get trading ideas and do own research without complex setups.

Trading Dashboard is a set of tools for technical analysis — the most productive, popular, and essential type of market analysis for traders and investors. The technical analysis values assets by identifying trends based on volume and price information in the previous periods. In turn, our Trading Dashboard brings together the data recorded previously and real-time data across different markets and trading pairs, processes it, and shows you the details of particular price patterns and changes in a clear and accessible way.

The dashboard consists of 3 main widgets, which deliver the necessary market information on quotes, volumes, state of orderbook and gives you several important technical indicators — everything you need to make informed trading decisions. Widgets are customizable and allow you to save suitable templates and chart layouts. Customization is an important feature of our platform and there are many other settings that can be configured.

List view widget

The List view widget displays the last bid/ask quotes and prices of the most recent transactions. When you look at it first, the widget resembles a common Market Watch. However, it is much more than that — it gathers information from different crypto exchanges across different currency pairs, which saves you a lot of time since you can get the information you need from one source. Besides, the List view is fully customizable and allows you to select coins and exchanges you like and form a Watch List.

Market Depth view widget

The Market Depth view widget represents the cumulative volume of orders — it groups them into 17 bid and 17 ask volume histograms. The widget performs a high-level assessment of bull/bear market imbalances in no time. The widget view is standardized to look the same for any currency pair on any exchange so there is no need to get used to Market Depth widgets on various exchanges anymore. We save your time and allow you to focus on decision making.

Chart view widget

The Chart view widget shows graphs for current and historical prices and volumes. It uses charts with different bar styles on a set of time intervals and allows to use a great number of technical analysis indicators and tools. The main goal of the widget is to visualize market data to simplify the analysis process and make it intuitively understandable. By means of different drawing tools and indicators, you will be able to recognize, catch, and ride a trend — a key skill to have when it comes to successful trading.

The Chart view has been collecting OHLCV data since January 1st, 2018. OHLCV  (open-high-low-close-volume) is the visualization of price chart with candles which display data on trade prices: open, highest, lowest, closing, and volume. This is the most common way of presenting charts.  CER employs technologies for processing and billing big data (hundreds of gigabytes of records). It saves the data in a high-speed storage and processes it to send to the customer. The platform uses the Trading View, a convenient tool for time-series data. As a result, the Chart view allows customers to see developments on a time scale, while the Markets Depth view evaluates trading opportunities in real time.

The Trading RTD allows evaluating investment ideas using just one tool — CER. Together with other dashboards, CER becomes the only all-inclusive trading tool to make sophisticated and weighted trading decisions.

Try it now as from October 1, 2018, full functional of Crypto Exchange Ranks will be available under paid subscription.

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