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Who are Transparency Hackers?

What is the real trading volume on Kraken? Why do Korean exchanges have higher BTC prices than other exchanges around the world? How much black crypto is traded on Binance? These and other questions concern crypto enthusiasts so the CER team decided to answer them.

We built a platform that gives an accurate rating of crypto exchanges based on liquidity, cybersecurity, public opinion, withdrawal & limits. The CER team is a stable team of analysts and developers with a clear understanding of our vision and mission. Now it’s time to get assistance from the crypto community! In order to provide a more precise rating for the exchanges, we aim at maximum transparency in crypto and thus enroll transparency hackers.

Why? The need for cold & hot storage as a metric for ranking exchanges

Today crypto exchanges are ranked according to their trading volume almost everywhere. The metric could be credible. BUT! You all know that exchanges manipulate their trading volume. Moreover, most exchanges operate as a closed structure not providing information necessary for traders to make proper investment decisions.

With the help of transparency hackers and CER, we’re going to bring back trust in trade volume as one of the relevant metrics for exchange ranking. CER is launching a crowdsource framework for exchanges’ Hot and Cold balance detection. The framework will comprise 4 puzzles of wallet evaluation system; this means that the process of approval involves 4 sides: transparency hackers who will actually provide the wallet address, the exchange, CER’s partners, and the CER team. By utilizing this framework, we’ll bring back trust to ranking exchanges based on their trading volume. 

Who are transparency hackers?  

Transparency hackers are the ambassadors of truth. They are interested in enhancing exchange quality and want to receive a bounty for their activities. For CER, transparency hackers find crypto exchanges balance: hot and cold wallets of the different crypto exchanges to determine how much money each of them holds. They know where to find the necessary information to disclose crypto and blockchain manipulations.

Benefits of being transparency hacker

  • get the financial reward for disclosing exchange’s public wallets (1 cold wallet submission — 50 HKNs and 50 Karma points; 1 hot wallet submission — 5 Karma points);
  • become an opinion leader;
  • become an official CER ambassador in your region;
  • get access to the hottest insights within a closed community of transparency hackers.

How to become a transparency hacker?

  1. Register on CER (it’s absolutely free!)
  2. Login into your profile (add photos, personalize parameters — it’ll be your second Facebook page 🙂 )
  3. Start to add wallets! (use the button in the right)
  4. Receive bonuses!

The crypto industry is extremely challenging and promising, but it has to be developed and strengthened. It has to mature! You can be among the people who make the difference.

Join our global transparency hacking initiative now!

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